About ABB Live

munckmix is pleased to work with legendary rockers The Allman Brothers Band to create ABBLive - live recordings of the band’s concerts. The shows are recorded live in digital multi-track, mixed, and mastered on the road.  During the band's tours, CDs of every concert are produced instantly and can be purchased at the venue and picked up immediately after each show.

Downloads of every concert on the tour can also be purchased here at this website www.ABBLive.com.  The downloads are DRM-free (no digital rights management) so you can play and transfer them to any iPod or MP3 player of your choice. CDs of the concerts are not available on this website, but can be purchased at the band’s merchandise website Hittin’ the Note.

Each concert is recorded using multi-track feeds provided by the band’s FOH (front of house) sound engineer Bruce “Slim” Judd. The tracks are then digitally mixed by MunckMix’ sound engineers in real time and blended with feeds from audience microphones to retain a “live” feel.  The downloads are available in two formats: MP3 and FLAC.  The MP3 files (most common) are high quality 256 Kbps files. FLAC files (for experienced audiophiles) are larger, require significantly more time to download, and therefore include a small surcharge. For more information about the download process click here.

The downloads can be purchased with any major credit card on this website. Money orders are also welcome. Simply include a note with the money order containing your name, email address, phone number, and a list of the show(s) you want to download and mail it to: MunckMix Inc., P.O. Box 46, Glencoe, IL 60022, USA. Upon receipt, MunckMix Customer Service (service@munckmusic.com) will contact you with a password to initiate the download process.

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