The Official Concert Recording Series by The Grateful Dead (2003-2004)

In the summer of 2003, MunckMix developed a program for the The Grateful Dead to provide live soundboard matrix recordings of every tour concert available for sale shortly after each show.  The 2003 tour marked the first full touring season by the The Grateful Dead's four remaining members after the untimely death of Jerry Garcia.  To indicate that this was a different reincarnation of the band, yet a band with a strong direct lineage, the band decided to tour as simply: The Dead.  

While the band's long standing tradition of allowing concert goers ("tapers") to record concerts for personal use remained unchanged, the band wanted to offer high quality soundboard matrix recordings available to fans who did not have access to the taper community or who desired higher fidelity audio recordings. And so, the The Dead's "Official Concert Recording Series" experiment was born. 

The 2003 "experiment" was a major success, and MunckMix continued to produce the Official Concert Recording Series for the follow-up 2004 tour as well.   Each concert was recorded by the band's sound engineer and subsequently mastered and made available on 3 CDs.  Various specials were created, among them the limited edition  Box Sets (all shows of the tour) - the largest single artist box sets in history at that time.  These quickly became collector's items and are today fetching many times their initial price at online and charity auctions. 

Many guest artists sat in with the band during the two tours, and most of them allowed their sit-ins with the band to be recorded.  Many great performances with The Dead and artists such as Steve Winwood, Willie Nelson, Branford Marsalis, and Johnny Johnson were recorded and preserved for posterity.

Sadly, the 2004 tour was to be the last tour by The Dead.  In 2006 the band closed down its organization and transferred its recording rights to Rhino records.  As a result the OCRS recordings are no longer available for sale here at  However, MunckMix is continuing in the spirit of the original concert recording series and are working with Bob Weir and his band RatDog to make available live recordings of their shows.. 

MunckMix is also working with other bands and musicians to make available live recordings of their concerts, among them the legendary Allman Brothers Band with guitarists Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes (who played with The Dead on their 2004 tour), the perennial rockers Little Feat, and and old friend of The Grateful Dead: Bruce Hornsby (who sat in on keyboards with the Grateful Dead on many occasions).  In 2004, we also started recording performers at the annual New Orleans Jazz Fest (the world's largest music festival), and as a result you'll find over 150 live recordings covering a plethora of musical styles like rock, reggae, blues, R&B, jazz, Cajun, Zydeko, and gospel.

We do remain hopeful that the "core four" surviving band members of the Grateful Dead - Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzman, and Mickey Hart - will perform together again and that we will be able to provide you with live recordings should that happen.  In the meantime, pelase check out the other bands and musicians available at .

Enjoy the music !


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