We are very excited about being able to continue the Official Concert Recording Series for The Dead. Based on the success of the initial offering of the Summer Getaway 2003 shows, the band has decided to continue to make available for sale recordings from most of their concerts as soon as each respective concert is over. The Official Concert Recordings are available for purchase over this website (click BuyCDs) as well as via Money Order (addressed to MunckMix, Inc., P.O. Box 46, Glencoe, IL 60022).

The band’s long standing tradition of allowing concert goers to record concerts for personal use with their own portable audio equipment is continuing. However, the Official Concert Recording Series are the only concert recordings authorized for sale by the band.

Each concert recording consists of high quality soundboard matrix recordings on 3 CDs, mastered by sound engineer Dennis “Wiz” Leonard. It is offered for sale at a base price of $22.- per set. We decided to go with CDs for now as they are still the most convenient and widely used media for high quality music recordings, but downloads in various file formats will also be available for purchase shortly.

From time to time, guest artists perform a few songs together with the band. In most cases the guest artists have allowed these songs to be included in the recordings of that night’s concert. However, we respect the guest artists’ right to artistic approval, and may therefore not be able to include these guest performances in some cases.

All the concert recordings listed under BuyCDs can be ordered on this website (click Buy CDs to begin). They can also be purchased with Money Orders sent to:

MunckMix, Inc, P.O. Box 46, Glencoe, IL 60022

The orders will be processed upon receipt and will generally be shipped within 2-4 weeks with US Postal Service First Class mail.

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