Little Feat has for some time wanted to give fans the opportunity to experience and re-live the special feeling of their live concert performances. Continuing in the tradition of "Waiting For Columbus" and other select live albums, Little Feat is releasing several live concert recordings from their tours. As the band continues to perform, more recordings will be added continuously.

The recordings use a stereo feed from the soundboard, selectively augmented by stereo microphone feeds to give the recording a “live” feel.  Beginning in 2008 we started offering re-mastered shows - engineered by Alex Ford - to round out the sound and improve fidelity.  

The concerts are recorded by Little Feat's sound engineer Howard Burke (left) and the band's archivist Chris Cafiero (right).  CDs are shipped within a few days, and downloads are available immediately in the 2 most popular download formats - MP3 and FLAC.  The downloads are all DRM-free so you can load them into any iPod library or playback device of your choice and play them anywhere you want.  

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