.com  (pronounced: monk-music) is an online music store where you'll find a collection of  live concert recordings from a variety of bands, musicians, and music festivals.

The recordings are produced by munckmix, a company that works directly with the bands and musicians to capture and sell the recordings of their live concerts directly to music fans at a fair price.

Each of the icons on the home page links to the live recordings collection of a band or music festival.  Some bands (Little Feat, Bruce Hornsby) release a selection of recordings after a tour.  Others (The Allman Brothers Band, RatDog), release recordings of every show.  On some tours, and at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, instant CDs are produced at the concert venues so audience members can take home a recording of the very show they just attended.  After the concert, the recordings are available here on munckmusic so everybody can get a copy.  In addition to individual concert recordings, special collections and festival compilation albums are often available as well.

We believe that most people have no problem paying for music - as long as it's reasonably priced and available in a format that's convenient to buy and use.  munckmusic offers the recordings on both CDs and as DRM-free downloads (MP3 and FLAC files). 

As the musicians continues to perform, the collection continues to expand, so check back from time to time to see what's new.  Enjoy !