Rama ON - August 1, 2007
Casino Rama


Disc 1 Disc 2

1. Stage noise (1:01)
2. Melissa (5:41)
3. Done Somebody Wrong (7:04)
4. Leave My Blues At Home (7:04)
5. Crowd (0:39)
6. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (5:28)
7. Franklin's Tower (9:30)
8. Crowd (0:37)
9. Who To Believe (7:30)
10. You Don't Love Me (6:09)
11. Stage Banter (0:43)

1. Woman Across The River (9:18)
2. Stormy Monday (9:20)
3. No One To Run With (9:55)
4. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (12:58)
5. JaBuMa (16:16)
6. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed - Reprise (3:01)
7. Crowd (3:00)
8. Revival (4:14)

Review Comments: The second show at the Rama Casino began with "Melissa" one of the most most interesting openers in ABB history. A scorching medley of “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad” and “Franklin’s Tower” was an early highlight, with Derek and Warren trading riffs and pushing each other to incredible heights. “You Don’t Love Me” features more outrageous guitar slinging, with each riff better than the last. This version of “Stormy Monday” shows Gregg at his very best, and the show ends on a great note with amazing jams on “No One To Run With,” “Elizabeth Reed,” and “Revival.” The ABB set the bar high for the tour with these Canadian shows. Courtesy of www.hittinthenote.com

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