Burgettstown PA - August 15, 2007
Post-Gazette Pavillion


Disc 1 Disc 2

1. Les Bres In A Minor (11:41)
2. I Walk On Gilded Splinters (5:48)
3. Midnight Rider (4:39)
4. Rockin' Horse (11:01)
5. Desdemona# (14:57)
6. You Don't Love Me$ (8:05)
7. Anyday* (8:56)

1. Crowd (0:54)
2. Lost Lover Blues* (9:01)
3. Mountain Jam (17:32)
4. JaBuMa (7:55)
5. Mountain Jam - Reprise (9:08)
6. Melissa (5:38)
7. One Way Out (6:17)

Review Comments: The best 2-CD ABB show ever? You be the judge, but from a smokin' "Les Brers" opener on, the band hit the note and then some on this night! A hot "Rocking Horse>Desdemona" combo featured great versions of these two songs from the Hittin' the Note album, and Susan Tedeschi(*) nearly stole the show on "Anyday" and "Lost Lover Blues". The band finished the set with a tremendous "Mountain Jam" that brought the crowd to its feet, and a double encore of "Melissa" and "One Way Out" topped it off. (review by "Hittin' the Note")

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