Camden NJ - August 17, 2007
Tweeter Center


Disc 1 Disc 2

1. Crowd (1:57)
2. Don't Want You No More (2:39)
3. Cross To Bear (5:06)
4. Statesboro Blues (5:56)
5. Midnight Rider (4:22)
6. The Weight (10:00)
7. Black Hearted Woman (10:05)
8. Dreams (12:39)
9. Franklin's Tower (11:22)

1. Into The Mystic (5:16)
2. Don't Keep Me Wondering (4:07)
3. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (16:48)
4. JaBuMa (10:37)
5. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed - Reprise (2:19)
6. Crowd (3:05)
7. Whipping Post (12:49)

Review Comments: History was made on this night, with Bob Weir sitting in on a great version of "Franklin's Tower" [live recordings of Bob Weir and Ratdog's shows are also available on], but this stormy night produced many other highlights as well. This evening's version of "Black Hearted Woman" may be the best in recent history, and Derek played a blockbuster version of "Dreams" that reached incredible heights. Warren sang an inspired version of "Into the Mystic", and the band finished with a "Whipping Post" that was mind-bogglingly intense. You gotta hear this show! (review by "Hittin' the Note")

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