New Orleans LA - May 1, 2005

The Radiators
The Radiators

Disc 1

1. Introduction (0:29)
2. Where Was U At? (9:55)
3. Smokin' Hole (5:58)
4. Black Is Black (4:14)
5. Make Fire (9:43)
6. Go Down, Hannah (9:15)
7. Lost Radio (6:39)
8. City Of Refuge (7:49)
9. Early Bird Cafe (11:01)
10. Wild and Free (6:31)

Review Comments: Same as every year, Sunday rolls around and I'm parked in front of Sprint dancing with 30,000 or so of my best friends as the sun sets on another Fest. This year the guys played some old favorites (Lost Radio and Smoking Hole) and rolled out some cool rockers with Go Down, Hannah and Early Bird Cafe. Extended jams, always killer guitar work, and a tight, tight horn section. To me, it isn't a Fest unless the Rads shut it down. --The Duke

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