New Orleans LA - April 29, 2005

David Egan
David Egan

Disc 1

1. One Foot In The Bayou (3:18)
2. Fading Footsteps (3:55)
3. Twenty Years Of Trouble (5:07)
4. Half-Past The Blues (6:25)
5. Please No More (5:48)
6. Spoonbread (3:47)
7. Hallelujah, I'm A Dreamer (5:22)
8. I Was Good To You Baby (4:18)
9. Slingshots And Boomerangs (4:53)
10. She Don't Play By The Rules (5:01)

Review Comments: One of the undiscovered gems of the festival. David Egan is one of the premier songwriters working today. His soulful piano, bluesy voice, and lyrics running the range from laugh out loud funny to cry in your beer sad make his set one of the most enjoyable of the 2005 festival.

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