New Orleans LA - April 30, 2005

Theresa Andersson Group
Theresa Andersson Group

Disc 1

1. Lorraine's Song (4:33)
2. Shine (3:02)
3. Stage Banter (0:21)
4. Lie To Me (3:10)
5. Make It Pop (3:47)
6. Something's Gotta Give (5:52)
7. Good Girl (4:04)
8. It's Gonna Be OK (4:10)
9. Connected (3:45)
10. Don't Forget About Me (3:41)
11. I Am I (6:52)
12. Band Intro's (1:00)
13. I'm On My Way (4:59)
14. Oh, Well (5:18)

Review Comments: Saturday started angry, raining, and cold. Theresa Andersson took the stage in horrible weather with a crowd of umbrella toting devotees huddled together in front of the Acura stage...and she chased the clouds away. Theresa's well- known charisma kept us warm and her band was so tight they were waterproof. On the beautiful ballad "It's Gonna Be OK" the sun broke through the clouds. Along with a beautiful rendition of "Lorraine's Song" Theresa lit up the place with a searing versions of "Something's Gotta Give", "Don't Forget About Me" and burned the place down with Fleetwood Mac's "Oh, Well".

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