New Orleans LA - April 28, 2006

David Egan
David Egan

Disc 1

1. She Don't Play By The Rules (5:22)
2. Twenty Years Of Trouble (5:07)
3. Even Now (6:22)
4. After This Time (5:45)
5. Half Past The Blues (6:18)
6. Forbidden Love (3:30)
7. Too Much Wine (4:49)
8. Hallelujah, I'm A Dreamer (5:32)
9. Spoonbread (5:40)

Review Comments: You cannot start off the festival better than this...David Egan on the Acura stage banging away on a Grand Piano with his airtight band slamming away with him. Same as last year, this guy turned in one of the true gems of the festival. No, you probably haven't heard of him but you damn well should.

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