Chicago IL - October 12, 2006
Barlow Shanghai - Studio version DOWNLOAD SPECIAL

Barlow Shanghai - Studio

Disc 1

1. That's What I Said (4:59)
2. I Don't Work On Sunday (5:10)
3. Clamptown World (3:55)
4. Evangeline (4:54)
5. Organ Grinder (7:08)
6. Rattle My Cage (4:51)
7. Appalacian (2:30)
8. Rosalie (4:46)
9. One By Night (4:41)
10. What A Fool I Am (3:33)
11. Almost Anywhere (4:21)
12. Negril (6:45)
13. You Rock and You Roll (1:21)
14. Almost (6:45)
15. Triolet (1:21)

Review Comments: During a visit to Chicago in the spring of 2005, Grateful Dead lyricist and songwriter John Perry Barlow was introduced to Chicago-based jam band veterans Mr. Blotto who were performing at a local venue. They hit it off, and a couple of months later Barlow returned to the Windy City and spent several days in the band’s rehearsal studio where they wrote a bunch of new songs together. One year and several sessions later, the songs all came together in Barlow Shanghai, the first Barlow inspired album to come out in several decades! From the opening salvo of That’s What I Said to the intricate syntax of Triolet, this album reeks of the master songwriter’s delicate touch. Expertly performed by Mr. Blotto’s Bolger brothers (Paul on acoustic guitar, Mike on bass), lead guitarist Mark Hague, keyboardist Dave Allen, and drummer Tony Dellumo, Barlow Shanghai belongs in every music lover’s collection.

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